Transmission Service

Transmission Repair – Stittsville Kanata

Stittsville Auto’s highly trained mechanics provide transmission repair services in Stittsville, Kanata, Richmond & Muster. Our mechanics are approved to do warranty work. Call 613-836-6136. When you position yourself behind the steering wheel, turn the ignition key, shift the gear lever into “D” and press down on the accelerator pedal, you expect your car to move forward. If this is not happening, chances are it’s a little late for preventative maintenance on your transmission.

The technicians at Stittsville Automotive Service take the maintenance of automatic transmissions very seriously.

transmission-300x200They know that regularly adjusting the bands and replacing the filter and fluid will ensure your transmission is cooperative when you ask it to propel your car forward, or to move it backward. And it won’t wake your neighbours in the process. With our tender loving care, your transmission will operate smoothly, and quietly, too.

You yourself can help to keep your transmission happy. Here’s some good driving tips to extend its life:

Don’t shift from Drive or Reverse to Park while the car is moving. Always bring it to a stop, and then shift.
Check your fluid regularly. If you notice darkening in colour or if you see black specs in it, call us at (613) 836-6136 . Let’s check things out right away, before there’s a big problem.
If you tow anything with your car, pay careful attention to the gears you’re using. Generally, you will want to avoid Overdrive. Adding a transmission fluid cooler to maintain the correct temperature may also be advisable.
Call us today, and together we’ll make sure your transmission continues to move you ahead.