Calipers are an essential component of a vehicle's hydraulic disc brake system. The caliper is a clamp-like assembly that holds the brake pads and presses them against the rotor to create friction and slow the vehicle.

There are two main types of calipers: floating calipers and fixed calipers.

Floating Calipers: use a single piston that moves back and forth to apply pressure to both brake pads. This type of caliper is typically used on most vehicles and provides a good balance of cost and performance.

Fixed Calipers: have multiple pistons, typically one or two on each side of the rotor, that apply pressure to the brake pads. Fixed calipers provide better braking performance and heat dissipation than floating calipers, and are often used on high-performance vehicles.

The caliper's design can also impact its performance and the type of brake pad that can be used. Some calipers have a single piston and use a single brake pad per side, while others have multiple pistons and use multiple brake pads per side.

Overall, the caliper plays a critical role in a vehicle's brake system, applying the necessary force to slow the vehicle and ensuring consistent, reliable performance. If you are concerned about your brakes why not give us a call here at Stittsville auto. We have been providing brake repair services for Kanata clients for years. We can do the same for you, call today.